• I have worked with Judith for a number of years. She is diligent, thorough and hard working. She always seeks to understand the client and develop solutions that meet the clients’ needs. Not only does she have a solid understanding for the waste management industry she is enthusiastic about it.

Steve Jones, Finance Director, Covanta Energy Ltd October  2012,


  • Judith was a very effective project director and a pleasure to work with.

Cameron Smith, Partner, Ashurst LLP October 2012,


  • I have known Judith for over 10 years and originally worked with her on a major project in South Wales. Judith has an immense amount of knowledge and experience in the waste sector and she has always been very helpful and co-operative. Her dedication to the companies and projects that she has worked on is second to none.

Peter Bushnell, Peter Bushnell Associates, October 2012,


  • Judith is a good project manager who works well and hard within the project team. She has a good understanding of the environmental business and a fine sense of humour which often helps with these projects.

Mathias Pahlke Head of Infrastructure Europe, NORD/LB October 2012


  • I have worked with Judith over a number of years as a colleague and also as a business acquaintance. During that time Judith proved to be very thorough in all that she did. She has shown immense professionalism working closely with her peers in an industry that has, until very recently, been dominated by males. Judith has held senior roles in the industry and is well respected by her peers which resulted in her being seconded to a government department.

Derek Greedy, Operations Manager, Shanks Waste Management January 2012,


  • Judith is a very focused, delivery-orientated manager. She was one of the few women in waste management at Worcestershire, and I respected her hugely for her professional approach.
    Judith spent time seconded to Whitehall because of her particular expertise, and I recall how impressed the Civil Service were with her knowledge and experience. I would hire Judith to work for me again if the opportunity ever arose.

Helen Froud, Human Resources Director. Worcestershire County Council April 2011